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The Dangers of Driving on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up! That means turkey, stuffing, and family time. It can also mean serious car accidents or death. Thanksgiving is often the most deadly Thursday of the year. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is also the most traveled holiday of the year with almost 90% of the people traveling doing so by car. Contributing […]

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What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Have you ever wondered what a criminal defense lawyer actually does? While tax attorneys, commercial lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers all have pretty self-explanatory roles, a criminal defense lawyer can cover a wide variety of cases. A criminal defense lawyer is also known as a public defender or defense attorney. They are lawyers that primarily focus on […]

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Expert Witness Services in the Southwest Region

Many high-profile, high-stakes court cases will involve the use of an expert witness. An expert witness is an individual whose background, experience, and knowledge base can be used to determine the veracity of certain elements of the case. While the relation of the expert witness to the defendant is generally considered irrelevant, these witnesses are […]

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Why I’m Glad Prop 47 Passed

As a criminal defense lawyer, many people have asked me for my take on Prop 47. I believe that Prop 47 will be very beneficial to California, and I’m very happy to see that the measure passed in this election. Here’s why I’m glad Prop 47 passed. Better Allocation of Resources One of the greatest […]

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Why Do I Need an Attorney for a DUI?

A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge is very serious and can have long-lasting consequences. The effects of a DUI conviction can cause loss of employment, driving privileges and other things. Depending on if this is your first charge or if it’s charged as a felony or a misdemeanor can determine the severity of the […]

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What is Attorney-Client Privilege?

The legal system can be a daunting and complex system to navigate through. When dealing with all of the allegations and charges that are coming against you, you always look to your lawyer for advice. The relationship that you and your attorney have is a privileged relationship that provides you protection for full disclosure. Cornell […]

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Is Domestic Violence a Felony or Misdemeanor in California?

Domestic violence charges are among the most common offenses in the California criminal justice system. There are several different Penal Code sections which can be applied to a domestic violence situation. The prosecution will decide which charges to impose based on several factors. The following information will explain what considerations affect charging discretion. Common Charges […]

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Drug Trafficking Consequences in California

“The Wire”, “Weeds” and “Breaking Bad” have swept T.V. screens across the nation. While they make for great T.V. and the characters are fictional, the drug trade is not. The war on the drug trade costs $51 billion annually. While we love to connect with Walter White and see his “empire” expand, drug trafficking is […]

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When Does a DUI Result in Incarceration in San Diego?

A DUI is an offense that involves intoxication of a person who consumed alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. As a DUI is considered a criminal offense, many individuals face incarceration. While the likelihood of jail time is difficult to predict, as sentencing standards can vary considerably county-to-county, here are […]

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