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I Got A DUI While On Probation, What Can I Expect?

Probation Defined Probation is a type of sentence for a criminal offense. The convicted person was sentenced to jail, but that sentence is suspended for a number or months or years while to be released in the community. The probationer has to follow certain conditions. Common conditions include: public service, paying fines, maintaining good behavior, […]

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What Is Considered Child Endangerment?

What is Child Endangerment? Child Endangerment occurs when an adult places a child in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment. This can occur through an act or omission. Some states punish child endangerment as its own offense, and others include it as a type of child abuse. Although there are […]

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How To Get Out Of A Hit and Run Charge

What Constitutes a Hit and Run? A hit and run is defined as being in an accident with a pedestrian, another car, or a fixed object, and then leaving the scene without identifying yourself or seeing if anyone or anything needs assistance. It becomes a hit and run charge when you leave the scene. It […]

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Can Passengers Drink Alcohol In A Car?

Most everyone knows the law that you cannot be under the influence of alcohol and be driving. You also cannot be drinking while you are driving, but what about the passengers in the car? Are they allowed to drink alcohol if they are not driving? Open Container Laws An open container law prohibits people from […]

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I Got An Underage DUI, What Happens Now?

I’m Under 21 and I Got A DUI. What Should I do? Underage DUIs are serious matters. Because teens are not of legal age to consume alcohol, they can sometimes face even more penalties than adults who get DUIs. If you were charged for an underage DUI in California, in some cases, you can be liable […]

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I Got A DUI in San Diego, What Should I Do Now?

The First Thing You Should Do If You Were Arrested For A DUI Call a lawyer.  Do not procrastinate on this one.  The sooner a lawyer is involved, the more likely you are to have better case results. With an experienced DUI lawyer, it is likely you can minimize or avoid penalties associated with the […]

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I Was Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence. What Do I Do?

First, what is domestic violence? On it is defind as, “a crime of violence, typically an assault, battery, stalking, or criminal harassment, perpetrated by someone against a family or household member”. Being accused of this can lead to criminal charges and can ruin reputations.  If you’ve been accused or charged with domestic violence, it […]

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