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Bradley R. Corbett

Bradley Corbett
Bradley Corbett grew up in Los Angeles County attending Glendora High School. In High School Bradley excelled playing both basketball and tennis making it to C.I.F. in both sports. As a senior in High School Bradley was called to jury duty at the Pomona Courthouse where we was chosen to sit on a criminal case as a juror. That experience was so moving, that Bradley decided he wanted to be a trial attorney.

He choose to attend Brigham Young University in Provo Utah where he majored in Print Journalism. Bradley wrote articles for the school newspaper and was a managing editor of a major college football recruiting website. Bradley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004.

Following his undergraduate education Bradley enrolled at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. While in law school Bradley was selected to participate in a prestigious internship program with the Los Angeles County Public Defender where he worked on serious murder cases.

Bradley was hired out of law school by San Diego’s largest criminal defense firm where he was entrusted with hundreds of cases. Bradley has taken numerous cases to jury trial and has won Not Guilty verdicts in EVERY courthouse in San Diego County and in Long Beach.

Bradley has handled over 500 cases from small misdemeanor petty theft cases to felony manslaughter cases. He is known in the legal community for being passionate and a tireless worker. Bradley is a “true believer” in the criminal justice system and takes pride in helping his clients take control of their future by fighting back against those who want to see his clients in jail.

Alexander H. Fuqua

Alexander Fuqua Criminal Defense LawyerAlex Fuqua is a passionate and undeterred criminal defense attorney. Alex started his career in criminal defense while in law school when he interned for San Diego’s largest criminal defense firm. The experience he gained during that internship propelled Alex to aggressively pursue justice for those who have been accused of a crime.

Throughout the course of his career, Alex has handled numerous criminal cases including homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, drug possession, driving under the influence, and much more. Alex is comfortable handling any felony or misdemeanor case that you are facing. He has been extremely successful in obtaining excellent results for his clients even when the outlook seemed dim. Alex credits his success to his professionalism, attention to the details of a case, as well as the relationships he is able to forge with his clients and the prosecution.

Additionally, Alex has traveled extensively throughout the world and is able to sympathize with his clients who are not originally from the U.S. but who are experiencing a tremendous culture shock when being accused of a crime in the U.S. legal system.

Alex has always fought for the underdog and throws everything he has into the ring. He is honest with his clients even if it means telling them things that are difficult to hear. Alex doesn’t back down from a case and will take your case to trial to get the justice you deserve.

Having primarily practiced in San Diego for the majority of his career, Alex has handled misdemeanor and felony cases in each of the courthouses in the county. For a while, Alex lived and practiced in Los Angeles County, and has traveled to Orange County and Riverside County to tackle cases.

When he has a chance to relax, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and children at the beach, watching baseball and football, or travelling around the world to visit his extended family.

Christopher Vaughan

Chris Vaughan’s success representing drivers against the DMV is a product of his experience, knowledge and reputation. Chris has conducted well over 1,000 administrative hearings and has assisted in several successful Writs of Mandamus, which is an appeal in civil court where the driver sues the DMV for wrongfully suspending the license after a hearing. In order to succeed against the DMV, Chris exhaustively studies the statutes, codes and caselaw that govern the administrative hearing procedures. Chris’ constant presence at the Driver Safety Office over the years enabled him to foster positive working relationships with the various personalities involved in the process and he has gained an intimate knowledge of the constantly evolving practices and idiosyncrasies of the DMV. Chris is skilled in handling numerous types of suspension actions including DUI (“APS”), negligent operator (“Neg Op”), physical and mental (“P&M”), lack of skill, financial responsibility (“FR”), fake IDs and both regular and emergency re-examinations. Chris is proud to represent his clients, who find him friendly, sympathetic, savvy and highly accessible.

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