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What is the Definition of Elder Abuse?


There is a growing awareness of the seriousness of child abuse and domestic violence in today’s world. People are taught how to spot these types of abuse and how to handle the situation if it comes up with someone you know and love. But there is one form of abuse that rarely gets the attention it deserves. Elder abuse is an urgent problem in our country that affects the lives of millions of older adults in America, but often flies under the radar when the topic of abuse comes up.

So what exactly is elder abuse, and how do you know when it might be happening to someone close to you? Read on to learn more about the definition of elder abuse and what to do if you know a victim or someone accused of elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Definition

According to the Elder Justice Roadmap, elder abuse is physical, sexual, or psychological abuse or neglect of an older person. This could include abandonment, financial exploitation, or any other targeting of a person based on their age or disabilities. This type of abuse usually applies to senior citizens over the age of 65, but can happen to those in their 50s or younger. Elder abuse can happen to any person regardless of their social situation or health status.

Facts About Elder Abuse

The United States has an aging population, meaning there are more people over the age of 65 than ever before. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, there will be a projected 83.7 million senior citizens by 2050, which is double the amount in 2012. This generation is susceptible to elder abuse by their adult children, spouses, or home care aides.

Those elders who have low social support, dementia, or have experienced trauma earlier in life are particularly at risk of elder abuse. An example of such abuse is leaving an elder alone without adequate food and water, exploiting an elder for their money, physically harming a disabled elderly person, etc.

The Lasting Effects of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has lasting, serious harmful effects on the individuals who experience the abuse. These people may have permanent physical problems, increased distress and emotional instability, major economic losses, depression, and much more. Abused elders may end up hospitalized or placed in rehabilitation.

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