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Unemployment Insurance Fraud

In California as well throughout the rest of the United States, it is illegal to continue to collect unemployment benefits when a person no longer becomes qualified to receive them. Doing so can result in a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the specific case.

Since the economic slump of 2008, millions of people in the State of California have had to rely on unemployment insurance during the period of time that they were unemployed, whether as a result of being laid off or simply not being able to find employment due to reasons out of their control.

Any individual who has applied for and receives unemployment insurance also has the responsibility to report their employment once the find a paying job in order to notify the government that they are no longer eligible to receive the benefits. Whether the lack of reporting is done intentionally or not, it is still considered a crime. If you have been accused of unemployment insurance fraud, the Bradley Corbett team can help. As a San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Bradley Corbett has won not guilty verdicts in every courtroom across the area. Let him and his expert team fight for your rights and get the best outcome possible for your unemployment insurance fraud case.

Types of UI Fraud

Unemployment fraud can be committed in a variety of different ways, again, both intentionally and unintentionally. Some of the more common ways this crime is committed include:

Misrepresenting Employment Efforts

In order to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, a person must be actively seeking a job and report their efforts to the state unemployment office. If someone reports that they are actively seeking employment to the State but in reality are not doing so, they could be accused of unemployment insurance fraud.

Not Reporting New Employment

If an individual has been receiving UI benefits and obtains a new paying job without notifying the State that they are no longer eligible for benefits, they are committing UI fraud. This type of UI fraud is common when people find a new job, yet are still underemployed and feel that they still need benefits to support their cost of living. In the bustle of life, many people often forget to notify the state of their new employment and while still receiving benefits.

Identity Theft, False Information, or False Identification

An individual can also commit UI fraud by intentionally submitting applications with incorrect information such as a false name, a false social security number, etc. This can also happen if an individual misrepresents their income or employment status to receive benefits that they are not qualified for.

Employer Fraud

It’s also possible for employers to commit UI fraud by misclassifying workers, reporting false wages, or reporting other false information about workers.

Defending Unemployment Insurance Fraud Cases

The main arguments that can be used to defend a case for someone accused of committing unemployment insurance fraud include claiming lack of criminal intent or simply a lack of evidence to convict someone of a crime. As an experienced unemployment insurance fraud attorney, Bradley Corbett will carefully review your case to determine which arguments will lead to the best outcome for your case, whether that involves lessening the charges or completely dismissing them altogether.

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If convicted of unemployment insurance fraud, you could be facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the circumstances and your criminal background. These convictions can include repayment, probation, fines, and even incarceration. Don’t leave your future to chance. Call Bradley Corbett today for a free case consultation and let us show you how we can fight for your rights and win the outcome you deserve.

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