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How an Attorney Will Help Your Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence is a very serious crime and as such, any charge of domestic violence is taken seriously. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you may be wondering what your options are. No matter what, involving an attorney is essential. 

Knowing the Proper Definitions 

When it comes to domestic violence, there are very specific parameters that need to be met. In California, domestic violence applies to any case where the couple involved are currently in or have ever been in any type of relationship and one person was harmed, was threatened with harm, or feared they would be harmed. Of course, this is not an exclusive definition. Attorneys know the proper definitions associated with a domestic violence case and they can help you determine if your situation falls within those definitions. If your case doesn’t exactly meet the specific definitions associated with a domestic violence case, then this can help you build your case and you can hope for a better outcome. 

Knowing the Best Defenses

Attorneys are very experienced when it comes to the law and specific types of cases. They know what defenses will work best in your case. When you choose the right attorney, you can find someone has worked with plenty of domestic violence cases. They will have seen what defenses have worked in the past and whether or not those defenses apply to your case. Most individuals aren’t familiar with what will work best, so you need to bring an expert into the mix. 

Helping Your Follow Protocol 

You can make your situation much worse for yourself if you don’t follow the proper protocols. For example, those accused of domestic violence will often be given a restraining order or told to keep away from the victim. If you violate this, it will only make your case worse. You need to cooperate to the best of your ability. Fortunately, your attorney can help you determine what you need to be doing. They can guide you through the process and make sure you’re doing everything you’re supposed to.  Having an attorney on your team will make things go more smoothly for you. They are highly experienced and experts in their field. You can trust them to lead you to a better outcome for your case.  Were you accused of domestic violence? Click here to find a qualified attorney to consult on your case. 

Bradley Corbett

Bradley Corbett is a criminal defense attorney in San Diego. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo Utah in 2004. Later he enrolled at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego where he participated in a prestigious internship program with the Los Angeles County Public Defender. Since then he has handled over 2,000 cases.

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