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The experienced legal professionals at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett are highly specialized in a wide range of criminal defense practice areas. Criminal charges that lead to a conviction can be life altering and can affect your family, your job, and personal freedoms. Why take the chance of handling your case alone?

Bradley R. Corbett has personally handled more than 500 different criminal defense cases. Whether you have been charged of a small misdemeanor or serious felony, your case is important to us. Choosing an experienced San Diego criminal defense lawyer like Bradley R. Corbett will ensure that you get the best results possible for your case.

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Our team knows the ins and outs of California law. No matter which criminal charge you’re dealing with, you can be assured that our team knows all of the specifics. With hundreds of hours of courtroom experience, we know what to expect as your defense team and how we can win your case.


In addition to thorough knowledge of the law, Bradley R. Corbett has the passion for criminal defense that helps him win cases consistently. He is an experienced and aggressive San Diego criminal defense lawyer who truly enjoys helping his clients win their cases and stay out of jail.


At the Law Offices of Bradley Corbett, we believe that in addition to our knowledge and passion, our personal touch makes all the difference. Many of our past clients say that our attentiveness and concern for their personal circumstances are what helped most to put them at ease during their trial.

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We want to prove to you why we’re your best choice for a San Diego DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer. If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, call us today for a free consultation. We’ll evaluate your case and tell you how we can help you get the best results possible, just as we’ve done for hundreds of other clients.

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Don’t wait until it is too late! Delaying or even denying yourself the counsel and strength we can provide you could have life changing consequences. Call us today and let an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney help you protect your freedoms, life, and family.

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