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Accessory After The Fact California Penal Code 32

California Penal Code 32 is the law for Accessory after the Fact (AATF). This law comes up whenever a person has assisted a perpetrator after they have committed a specific crime. This person has assisted in someway to protect the perpetrator from arrest, convictions, or even escaping from police. However, if the person assisting has a plan or an agreement with the felon then it would not be considered an AATF. There are four elements to be met for AATF. They are :

  1. 1) The person has committed a felony
  2. 2) The person knowingly assisted the individual
  3. 3) The person assisting knows the felon has committed a felony, charged with a felony, or was convicted of a felony
  4. 4) And the person has intent to protect the felon from arrest, trial, or conviction.

There are six defenses to AAFT.


The six defenses to AATF are

  1. 1) The assistant had no knowledge of the crime
  2. 2) There was no actually felony taking place
  3. 3) The assistant was merely a bystander
  4. 4) The assistant was under duress
  5. 5) The assistant was falsely accused
  6. 6) The assistant was mistaken for someone else.


Assisting a felon after he or she has committed a crime could face up to one year in county jail or 16 months or two or three years in the California state prison.

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