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The term “hit and run” often conjures up glorified chase scenes made famous in Hollywood films with the desperate antagonist attempting to escape at any cost, leaving little regard for those around them. The San Diego hit and run attorneys at the Law Offices Bradley R. Corbett know that this is not always the case in reality. A possible lack of insurance, an emergency situation, or even more extenuating circumstances can lead to a hit and run charge. Our legal professionals will consult with you privately about the charges, potential consequences, and the best defense for your particular hit and run case.


What Defines a “Hit and Run”

In California, there are two levels of a hit and run charge:

  • Misdemeanor Hit and Run
  • Felony Hit and Run

The general definition of “hit and run,” according to California state law, is if you leave the scene of an accident without first identifying yourself to the party or parties involved. A hit and run is classified as a misdemeanor if no one else was hurt and only physical property was damaged in the accident. A hit and run carries a felony charge, however, when someone else is injured or killed.

Misdemeanor Hit and Run

A hit and run charge at this level consists only of property damage. To be classified as a hit and run, you would have had to fail at one of the following three things:

  • Stopping immediately after the accident
  • Disclosure of identifying information (name and address) to the parties involved
  • Disclosure of your driver’s license

These three steps should be taken regardless of who is at fault. The prosecution in a misdemeanor hit and run case must prove that you were involved in an accident that resulted in damaging another’s property, that you had knowledge the accident happened, and that you were involved and failed to take the three steps bulleted above.

Our San Diego criminal defense attorney will help argue your case and defend your position in a misdemeanor hit and run case.

Felony Hit and Run

A felony hit and run differs from a misdemeanor in the fact that it either involves injury or death. Just as in a misdemeanor hit and run, it is responsibility of everyone involved to stay and provide the proper information needed.

The penalties for a felony hit and run can range anywhere from a $1,000-$10,000 fine plus restitution to the other parties involved, or can also result in jail time ranging from 1-3 years or more. Visit or call the Law Offices Bradley R. Corbett today to learn how we can help you face a hit and run charge.

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