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Aiding and Abetting is defined as helping another person commit a crime. There are three ways a person can be charged with aiding and abetting. They are

  1. 1) know the perpetrators illegal plan
  2. 2) intentionally encourage the plan
  3. 3) And merely just aid the crime.

The court charges the person with actual crime that has taken place. Knowledge of the crime itself is not enough standing alone to be charged with aiding and abetting. There are five defenses to aiding and abetting.


The five defenses are 1) The person did not aid the crime during the time it was being committed 2) False accusation (As in someone putting the blame on you) 3) You opted out from the criminal activity 4) You had no responsibility to act 5) Finally, you only helped the crime after it has been done.


The penalties for aiding and abetting a crime are 1) Convicted of murder 2) Natural and probable cause (each aider and abettor is responsible for the crimes committed by any person during the crime and the crime must be probable or related of the crime committed).

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