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Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges: Expert Tips from a Defense Attorney

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Facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. One wrong move or poor decision could potentially result in severe consequences, including incarceration, fines, and a tarnished reputation. We’ll share some expert tips on the most common mistakes to avoid when facing criminal charges and how to protect your rights.

Speaking to the police without an attorney present

It’s crucial to understand that anything you say to the police can and will be used against you in court. When faced with criminal charges, you have the right to remain silent and request an attorney. Do not provide any information or answer questions without first consulting with your legal counsel.

Discussing your case with family or friends

While it’s natural to seek support from loved ones during a difficult time, discussing the details of your case with anyone other than your attorney can be detrimental. Conversations with friends and family are not protected by attorney-client privilege, meaning they could potentially be subpoenaed as witnesses against you.

Using social media to discuss your case

In today’s digital age, it’s essential to be cautious about what you share on social media platforms. Posting information or opinions about your case could jeopardize your defense strategy and provide ammunition for the prosecution. Maintain privacy by refraining from discussing your case online.

Ignoring court orders and appointments

Failing to comply with court orders, such as attending scheduled hearings or meeting bail conditions, can result in additional charges and penalties. It’s crucial to adhere to all court requirements and consult with your attorney if you have any questions or concerns.

Choosing the wrong legal representation

Not all attorneys have the same level of experience or expertise in handling criminal cases. It’s vital to select a criminal defense attorney with a proven track record and a thorough understanding of the legal system. Invest time in researching and interviewing potential attorneys to ensure you find the best fit for your case.

Withholding information from your attorney

Your attorney can only provide the most effective defense if they have all the relevant information about your case. Be honest and forthcoming with your legal counsel, as attorney-client privilege protects these communications.

Attempting to represent yourself

Criminal law is complex and requires a deep understanding of legal procedures, statutes, and case law. Self-representation can lead to mistakes, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities that may negatively impact your case. Rely on an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for your rights and guide you through the process.

Accepting a plea deal without fully understanding the consequences

While plea deals may seem like an attractive option to resolve your case quickly, they can also have long-lasting effects on your life, such as a criminal record, employment difficulties, and loss of certain rights. Before accepting any plea agreement, consult with your attorney to ensure you understand all the implications and potential consequences. Navigating the criminal justice system can be a daunting process, but avoiding these common mistakes can significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome. By remaining aware of your rights, working closely with your attorney, and making informed decisions, you can help protect your future and reputation. The Law Office of Bradley Corbett is committed to getting you the best possible outcome in your DUI case. Click here to learn more about DUI charges, defenses, and consequences. 

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Bradley Corbett is a criminal defense attorney in San Diego. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo Utah in 2004. Later he enrolled at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego where he participated in a prestigious internship program with the Los Angeles County Public Defender. Since then he has handled over 2,000 cases.

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