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Misusing a Disability Parking Permit: A Common Crime

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There is a huge problem in the state of California with people abusing and misusing handicap parking permits. In doing so, these people—for their own gain—keep those with legitimate needs from the benefits of a reserved space. Read the following to learn more about “handicapped parking fraud” and what you can do if you’ve been accused of it.

What Constitutes the Misuse of a Disability Permit? 

The most common examples of disability permit fraud include when someone without a disability uses the parking permit of a friend who is disabled without the disabled person being in the car, as well as when someone forges a signature in order to qualify for a permit. Another form of fraud is when someone purchases a permit from someone else illegally. These types of permit misuse are so common that there is a good chance that you know someone who has committed one of these offenses. People tend to see them as a lesser crime but, in reality, it is a big deal, especially for those who are affected by the misuse. 

What are the Consequences of Permit Misuse?

The consequences of disability permit abuse can be relatively severe. Furthermore, you don’t have to be the perpetrator to be held accountable for this crime: If you are a disabled person and you knowingly lend or sell your permit to a nondisabled driver, you can be charged with misusing your disability parking permit. As a consequence for permit misuse, you will potentially receive a thousand dollar fine or even up to six months of jail time. 

What to Do if You Have Been Accused 

If you have unfortunately landed yourself in legal hot water after either misusing a disability parking permit or wrongfully being accused of such, you will want to talk with a lawyer who is experienced in misuse of disability permit cases. They will know what to do to help you either navigate the legal consequences or win the justice you deserve. Don’t try to navigate this issue on your own.  While often labeled as a petty crime, the misuse of a disability parking placard can have major consequences—both for you and for those affected. If you see someone who may be abusing a disability parking space or permit, there are often parking enforcement hotlines that can assist you. Just be careful not to confront the individual yourself, as they may have a disability that appears invisible from a first glance. Have you been charged with misusing a disability parking permit? Click here to get help today from a team of experienced criminal defense experts!

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