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Domestic Violence

Possible Outcomes of a Domestic Violence Case

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Domestic violence cases are very complex and you may be feeling anxious and uncertain. When facing a domestic violence charge, it’s good to know what outcomes you may face so you can prepare for them or attempt to avoid them. The outcome you end up with will depend on the facts of the case as well as how you present yourself and your situation. 

Case Dismissal 

Perhaps one of the easiest options is to have your case dismissed. This is often done if the defendant has a very clean record with no previous arrests or charges. When a case is dismissed, it doesn’t mean it isn’t addressed at all. Instead, the attorneys of both parties will negotiate the terms and everything is taken care of outside of court. Cases are also dismissed if there is a lack of evidence that abuse took place or if the accuser has a history of making false accusations. Sometimes, a third party may be involved and report domestic violence when they don’t fully understand the situation. 

Going to Trial 

If the attorneys cannot reach a settlement outside of court, then the case will go to a trial. This trial will be overseen by a judge and a jury. During the trial, both sides will present their cases and provide evidence to support their claims. Often, trials are very long and drawn out. At the end of the trial, the defendant will be given either a guilty or a not guilty verdict. If found guilty, the defendant may face jail time, fines, and loss of several rights including the right to bear firearms. 

Restraining Order 

In any domestic violence case, the priority is protecting the victim and making them feel safe. One way to do this is by putting out a restraining order on the alleged abuser. These restraining orders allow the victim to live safely and without fear. A restraining order can also protect any children or dependents the victim has. Most restraining orders last for about three years. If you are found guilty, a restraining order may be placed against you. It will limit or prohibit contact with the victim.  There are many different ways a domestic violence case may go. Before anything else, you need to hire an experienced attorney. They can provide you with proper guidance and help you build your case.  The Office of Bradley Corbett is prepared to defend your domestic violence case. Click here to learn more.

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