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CPAC is an alternative to custody that is being considered on certain cases in San Diego County. If you are looking at Jail time as a possibility in your case you need a competent attorney who knows how to get you CPAC.

CPAC is put on by the San Diego Count Sheriffs department and is a home detention punishment. You will need to fill out a two page application that asks for your information. In order to be screened by CPAC you must submit the following.

1. A copy of your minute order, which must contain the following.

A. Judges authorization to be screened by CPAC.

B. Minimum sentence of 96 hours of custody.

C. A report date. The report date must be at least 14 business days from the date the documents are received by CPAC. Holidays and Saturdays and Sundays do not count as business days.

2. Completed Home detention Application.

You can fax the info to the CPAC at 858-505-9757 or scan and email  If you have any questions in the screening process contact CPAC at 858-614-7650.

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