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4 Things to Do To Get Your License Back after a DUI

4 Things to Do To Get Your License Back after a DUI

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If you got a DUI, chances are you’ve had your driver’s license taken away. Chances are also that you’ll need your driver’s license back as soon as possible in order to drive to work, make it to your appointed court times, and fulfill family responsibilities. To get your license reinstated, you will need to take these four steps (including making a call to an experienced DUI lawyer) so you can get it back fast!

1. Learn the Difference Between Revocation and Suspension

Before you can proceed to the next steps of getting your license reinstated, you need to know if your license was revoked or suspended. A revoked license means your driver’s license has been canceled and cannot be reinstated without approval from your state’s DMV and passing the written and road tests, along with paying any required fees. A suspended license means your driver’s license is out of service temporarily, anywhere from 30 days up to a year. In California, a single DUI conviction for an adult typically results in a suspension of 6 months. After you have paid the necessary fines and take the necessary steps, you will receive your license back, and you’ll be able to drive legally again. Take note, driving with a revoked or suspended license is illegal and, if caught, will result in heftier fines and more penalties, possibly including jail time. Shot glass with car keys and handcuffs

2. Serve Your Sentence, Complete a DUI Program, and Pay Your Fines

On top of paying any court-required fines, you will also have to serve your sentence. Whether it’s jail time, a prison sentence, or community service, you will need to complete it before you can get your license back. You will probably be required to enroll in and attend a DUI class or program. Once completed, you will need to submit a Notice of Completion Certificate supplied by your program provider. You will also need to pay a driver’s license reissue fee to the DMV. This can cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the details of your conviction. These reissue fees are on top of any court costs, fines, and penalties.

3. Submit Proof of Insurance

Most states require auto insurance to hold a driver’s license. When your license is revoked or suspended, your insurance carrier is likely to raise your rates (often 20-30%) or cancel your coverage. You also won’t qualify for any good driver discounts for the 10 years that the DUI conviction is on your record. To get your license back, you will need the SR-22 proof of insurance form for high-risk drivers. Your carrier will provide this Insurance Proof Certificate for you. Some insurance agencies are not willing to cover high- risk drivers. If that’s the case with you, here are your options:
  • Shop around for high-risk driver car insurance
  • Receive a self-insurer certificate under CVC
  • Obtain a surety bond
  • Use a $35,000 cash deposit
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4. Work With an Experienced DUI Lawyer

Although its number four on this list, calling an attorney right after your arrest is actually the first thing you should do. There are a number of things an attorney can do to help you get through the reinstatement process as quickly as possible. For example, a lawyer can fight to get you a cleaner record and a lighter sentence. A lawyer can also help you to avoid needing an SR-22 and the increased insurance rates that go along with it. Avoiding the act of driving under the influence is by far the best way to prevent your driver’s license from being taken away and keeping the privilege of mobility and freedom. However, mistakes do happen, and that is when consequences take place. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should have your license suspended for longer than necessary, especially when you have work commitments and family responsibilities that require you to be able to drive. If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, call DUI lawyer Bradley Corbett for a free consultation on how to get it back fast!

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