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Expert Witness Services in the Southwest Region

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Many high-profile, high-stakes court cases will involve the use of an expert witness. An expert witness is an individual whose background, experience, and knowledge base can be used to determine the veracity of certain elements of the case. While the relation of the expert witness to the defendant is generally considered irrelevant, these witnesses are held highly accountable for the expertise they provide. Perjury by an expert witness is a severely punished crime. This makes their input highly credible and very influential in a court of law. Expert witnesses can be relied upon for a variety of cases. In situations where a medical opinion is needed, an expert witness can be trusted to asses a person’s degree of sanity, or to determine the severity of an injury. Forensic expert witnesses can be called upon to examine DNA and other physical evidence. Even without physical evidence, expert witnesses may be called to give their knowledgeable opinion in the case of disputed business transactions or property rights. When including an expert witness in a court case, the witness may be considered testifying or non-testifying, in which case they are technically a consultant. A testifying witness must be designated as such, and may be subpoenaed for deposition, and could be called upon to divulge any discoverable materials. A consultant, on the other hand, may be a better choice if the expert does not wish to testify. Here is a comprehensive list of highly recommended expert witnesses in the Southwest region. Criminal Litigation Chris E. McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM, Security Expert Witness Scott Moore & Associates, Traffic Accident Reconstruction & Cause Analysis Medical and Healthcare Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corporation Elite Medical Experts, LLC Steven L. Duckor, MD, FACG, Substance Abuse & Chemical Dependency Business and Financial Dr. Jules Kamin, ValueEconomics, Inc. MCS Associates Accident and Injury Keystone Engineering Consultants Miller Engineering Services Real Estate Lawrence H. Jacobson Forster Realty Advisors Intellectual Property Rights eCompConsultants, Telecommunications & IT Eureka Software, Software Litigation Forensic: The Kupiec Group, Forensic Toxicology ForensisGroup

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