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What to Do After Being Charged with a DUI

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Being charged with a DUI is a very serious offense and there are several things you should do to lead to better outcomes for yourself. Your actions will have a major impact on the consequences you will face. 

Make Arrangements for Your Court Date

Once you receive a court date, you need to make it a priority. Your court date is your opportunity to present your case and fight for a favorable outcome. This date is also when you are given your sentence. Missing this date can negatively impact your case. Once you receive your date, make sure it goes on your calendar. Make reminders for yourself so you don’t forget it. If you have anything that may conflict with your court date, reschedule so your court date is the priority. 

Build Your Case with an Attorney 

Not all DUI cases will require people to have an attorney, but there are many advantages to it. The primary reason you would need an attorney is if you intend to plead not guilty at your court hearing. You may be fighting your charges if you failed the breathalyzer test but think it was faulty or if you failed the field sobriety test even if you weren’t drunk. Working with your attorney can help you build your case. An attorney can also help you navigate the process associated with DUI charges. There are many specific things that need to be done and it can be confusing for anyone who has not gone through it before. 

Make Transportation Arrangements 

When you are charged with a DUI, your license is typically revoked. This means you will not be able to drive yourself. After your charge, begin making transportation arrangements. This includes transportation to work, school, etc. as well as any other destinations you need to get to. It is also important that you have transportation to the courthouse on your court date. When you make arrangements, it may be helpful to find someone you can consistently rely on to give you rides. You can also depend on public transportation. A DUI charge can drastically change your life. Once you’re charged, you need to know how to navigate the process so you can reduce the impact that a DUI charge will have on your life. Knowing how to make it through the process will greatly benefit you. Do you need help with your DUI case? Click here to find an experienced attorney.

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