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Possessing Illegal Substances

What to Do If Your Teen is Arrested for Possessing Illegal Substances

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No parent ever wants to hear the news that their teen has been arrested for drug possession. In such an emotionally charged situation, it’s vital to stay level-headed and take swift action in order to ensure your child receives proper care and legal protection.  This article will discuss what you should do if your teen is arrested for possession of drugs or other illegal substances.

Understanding Your Teen’s Legal Rights

When your teen is arrested for possession of illegal substances, it can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. To ensure the best outcomes, familiarizing yourself with their legal rights enables you to make informed decisions regarding their future.  The first thing parents should do when their child is arrested is to contact an attorney. An attorney can help explain the situation, advise the family on what to expect, and protect the teen’s rights. The attorney can also help determine if the charges are valid and whether any mitigating circumstances should be taken into account.

Preparing for Court

As a parent, it can be incredibly distressing to receive news that your teen has been arrested and charged with having illegal substances. Nonetheless, remember that there are numerous legal rights in a place devoted to protecting them during this trying situation.  There are also options available for getting help and treatment, which can help reduce the consequences of a conviction. Before attending court, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can provide advice and explain your legal rights and responsibilities. Depending on the severity of the charges, hiring a lawyer may be necessary in order to ensure that your teen’s rights are protected.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If your teen has been arrested for possession of illegal substances, it is absolutely paramount that you contact a reputable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A qualified and competent legal representative can guarantee that the teenager’s rights are defended and provide sound counsel on how to proceed with the case. When selecting an attorney, it is important to research and selects a lawyer who has experience in handling cases involving underage possession of illegal substances. Ask the attorney about their prior experience with such cases, as well as any success they have had in reaching favorable outcomes on behalf of their clients. It is also important to make sure that the lawyer you are considering is properly licensed to practice in your state. Caring for a family member arrested due to possession of illicit drugs is an emotionally draining experience for any household. While navigating this uncertain, scary, and stressful situation can test the mettle of even the strongest families, there are steps that parents can take to work towards the best outcome available. Choosing the right lawyer and support system can go a long way toward making sure this challenging event does not permanently derail your teen’s future prospects. If you were recently charged with drug crimes, you need a good attorney on your side. Click here to get in contact with an attorney from The Law Offices of Bradley Corbett.

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