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What to Know if You’ve Violated Your Probation

In many instances, you can receive probation instead of jail time. However, violating this probation can lead to very serious consequences. If you’ve violated your probation, you need to understand what to expect and what you should do next. 

The Basics of Probation

When you are given probation, you will not have to spend time in jail, but you are accepting a guilty verdict. To fulfill your probation, there are certain stipulations you must follow. You are allowed to stay in your community, which includes going to work, attending school, and anything else you are involved in. However, to maintain that privilege, you must live responsibly. There are certain actions that will be restricted, rules you need to follow, and even requirements you need to fulfill. You can violate your probation if you fail to appear at a court hearing, fail to report to your probation, fail to pay fees, or fail to meet any other requirements of your probation.

What to Expect 

Once your probation has been violated, it’s up to the judge to determine how to precede. There are several different actions they may take. For first time violations, some judges will simply reinstate your probation. Depending on the circumstances, they could also extend it or change the conditions of your probation. Serious violations can even lead to your probation being revoked. This means you will have to serve time in jail. Some judges may choose to give you a temporary sentence in jail (30 days or so) before reinstating your probation. All in all, it depends on your situation and what the judge chooses. 

Preparing for Your Probation Violation Hearing

After a violation, you will face a probation violation hearing. This hearing is where the judge will decide what to do and you have a chance to plead your case. The best way to prepare for a probation violation hearing is to hire an experienced attorney to assist you. They can help you form your case and make a better impression on the judge. One way you can appeal to the judge is to appear willingly in court. You should make an effort to remove any warrants for your arrest in order to make this possible.  Violating your probation is a very serious matter and the consequences vary widely depending on your situation. For the best results, you will want to have legal representation. Contact a criminal defense lawyer to support your case. 

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