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There are many words for it: a legal conundrum, a sticky mess, a stressful situation. Whatever the words may be, if you’ve found yourself charged with any sort of serious legal action, you know how frightening it can be.

One of the most serious charges a person can face is attempted murder, and a conviction of such is life altering. California state law defines attempted murder as both having the intent to kill and also taking the steps to do so. In California, a conviction of an attempted murder can lead to a life sentence in prison.

This charge is not one that should be taken lightly, and you will certainly need the best legal defense team on your side to fight it. If you are dealing with the stress of an attempted murder charge, the experienced and aggressive legal team at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett is ready to come to your defense.

The Penal Code defines different types of crime committed by a person. The Vehicle Code revolves around crimes dealing with motor vehicles. Health and Safety Code revolves around crimes dealing with controlled substances.

Attempted Crimes California Penal Code Sections 21a and 664

In California there must be more than a preparation to commit a crime. There must be an actual act by the person. There are two elements to be met to satisfy attempted crimes in California. They are 1) The person had specific intent to commit a specific crime and 2) The person acted unsuccessfully in furtherance of the crime. There are three defenses to attempted crimes in California.


There are numerous of defenses for California Penal Code 21a. The most common types of defenses are

  1. 1) The person did not have intent to commit a crime
  2. 2) The person did not make an act in furtherance of the attempted crime
  3. 3) The person cannot have intention to commit an unintentional act.

The person cannot have intention to commit an unintentional act

A person cannot be held liable for attempted involuntary manslaughter because this crime involves the person having a reckless state of mind not intentional one.



California Penal Code 664 explains the penalties depending on the nature of the act. If the person has attempted to violate California’s willful, deliberate and premeditated first-degree murder law, then the punishment is life in prison with a potential parole. However, for other attempted crimes the person may face five to nine years in jail.

Why choose the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett for your attempted murder case?

The most important thing you can do following an attempted murder charge is to call a qualified San Diego attempted murder defense attorney. Bradley Corbett has personally handled more than 500 criminal defense cases, including attempted murder, and has the experience to get the best results possible for your situation. Our skilled team of professionals will help you every step of the way and will take the time to explain things to you in an understandable and logical way. Criminal trials for attempted murder can be intense and juries can be unsympathetic. We will help prepare you mentally and emotionally for your case, while providing you with the strong representation you need to retain your freedom. We are experts with California’s state laws regarding your attempted murder charge. Having won countless dismissals and non-guilty verdicts as a San Diego criminal defense attorney, you can be sure that Bradley R. Corbett is the best choice to deal with your case.

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