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How to Beat Burglary Charges in San Diego, CA

Prosecutors take burglary charges very seriously in California, even including burglary in our state’s three-strikes law, which drastically increases the penalties for second and third strike offenses. 

But if you’ve been charged with burglary in California, you don’t have to lose hope. The right lawyer could help to prove your innocence or get you less severe penalties. The Law Office of Bradley Corbett can help you understand how to beat burglary charges in San Diego, CA, and is experienced in defending cases like yours.

Burglary in California

There are many crimes under the category of burglary in California, including auto burglary, looting, commercial burglary, and others. A burglary is committed any time a person enters a residential or commercial structure (or vehicle) with the intention of committing a theft. This differs from a robbery because it does not include violence, and there is an intention of stealing in entering the structure.

Auto Burglary

Auto burglary occurs when a person temporarily or permanently steals a vehicle that belongs to someone else. There are three types of auto burglary:

  • Grand theft auto: This is classified as the intention of permanently stealing a vehicle.
  • Petty theft: This is forced entry into a car to steal items inside.
  • Other auto burglary offenses: This type of crime includes temporary auto theft and any other felony occurring inside a vehicle.

Grand theft auto is considered a felony, while petty theft is a misdemeanor crime. Penalties for auto burglary can range anywhere from fines to jail time.


Looting usually takes place when there is civil unrest or an emergency, and people take advantage of the chaos by stealing from stores or vehicles. Looting can include commercial burglary, grand theft auto, petty theft, or grand theft of a firearm. 

A person charged with looting could serve a minimum of 180 days in jail or up to three years in state prison. However, a skilled lawyer could make a legal defense based on misidentification of the defendant or on the basis that the defendant was a bystander.

Commercial Burglary

Commercial burglary in California is when an employee has an intent to defraud and accepts an item worth more than $250 from another employer as a bribe (without his or her own employer knowing). 

This could be charged as a misdemeanor if the bribe is worth less than $1,000 or a felony if the bribe is worth more than $1,000. Other penalties might include up to a year in county jail or three years in state prison. 

A burglary attorney could build a sound legal defense by showing that the defendant lacked intent to bribe another employer.

Breaking and Entering in California

Breaking and entering is one common form of burglary in California. This crime is defined as using force or another fraudulent means to intentionally enter a building or structure. The person doesn’t necessarily have to break something in order for the crime to be considered breaking and entering—it’s enough for the person to put any body part into a door, according to California law.

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