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Nine years in prison can seem like a lifetime away from work, family, friends, and familiar surroundings. A crime such as carjacking can turn your life upside down. Carjacking, Penal Code § 215 (PC 215P) can lead to a carjacking sentence in California of three to nine years in prison. 

California PC 215P outlines carjacking definition as car theft by means of force or fear. To further explain the carjacking definition, physical pain is inflicted on or threatened to be inflicted on a passenger or driver in order to take their car away from them. If your case falls under the carjacking definition, a San Diego attorney at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett who has experience with PC 215p is prepared to fight in your defense. 


  • Two girls park a vehicle in a shopping mall parking lot, a man watches them exit the car and approaches them with a gun. He then demands the keys with a gun pointed at them. One of the girls surrenders the keys and they both flee, while the man drives off with the car. 
  • The police are in pursuit of a criminal. While running from the police, the criminal hops into a car and forces the passenger to leave the vehicle. The criminal then escapes with the vehicle. 
  • A man’s car is stolen and he reports it to the police. Later that day he finds his car in another neighborhood and someone is smoking in it. Infuriated, the man pounds on the window threatening the smoker and demanding that he exits the vehicle. Although the man owns the car, he is carjacking it from the smoker because the smoker is in possession of it. Due to the carjacking definition in California, whoever is in possession of the car is the victim. 


Carjacking is one of the many crimes that can often bring with it multiple charges. For example, after you may have been charged a carjacking sentence in California, grand theft auto, battery, assault, and other possible felony offenses may be also considered and added to your punishment. At the Law Office of Bradley R. Corbett, an expert San Diego criminal defense lawyer can help you make sense of the numerous possible charges you may be facing and be prepared to navigate through them in court.



Each San Diego criminal defense attorney on our team understands how frightening and nerve-wracking this experience can be if you or a loved one has been charged with a PC 215p offense. Our team will work tirelessly to build your strongest defense in court and protect you from a carjacking sentence in California. Visit or call our offices today to find out how our San Diego carjacking defense attorney can help with your case.

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