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Being charged with a criminal threat can be very confusing. This charge encompasses some pretty broad definitions and it is hard to pinpoint an exact way to describe it. The positive side to the vagueness of this charge is that the prosecution has a hard time proving this charge because it is very difficult to define. If you are faced with a criminal threat charge, contact San Diego criminal defense attorney Bradley R. Corbett first — don’t spend one day too many worrying about this charge.

Essentially, a criminal threat charge in the state of California is defined as any verbal or written threat that insinuates harm to another person. This threat must cause a reasonable amount of fear for the safety of the person receiving the threat and must be specific in its intention. There are many ways to defend against such a charge. If you made the threat in a non-specific way or if the person receiving the threat didn’t actually fear for his or her life, you will probably be able to walk away with little or no punishment. Also, if the threat was non-verbal, such as a hand motion, the prosecution has little to work with when building their case.

Facing a criminal threat charge shouldn’t cause you too much stress, especially when you have a skilled legal time like that at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett on your side. Our San Diego criminal threats lawyers can take care of your legal issues, giving you peace of mind in knowing that they will do everything they can to produce a favorable outcome to your case. Call today and set up a time for your free case consultation.

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