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San Diego Dirk or Dagger Attorney

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Like most other legal charges defined in the Penal Code of California, dirk or dagger is a hard one to classify directly. It mainly involves the possession of a weapon in a concealed fashion. If you are facing this charge and are left scratching your head as to what to do, don’t wait to contact the expert criminal defense team at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett.

Dirk or dagger deals with the possession of a dangerous object such as a knife or dagger, or can include the possession of an explosive device carried on one’s person. An explosive in this context would exclude the possession of ammunition for use in a gun. A ‘dirk’ is simply another term for knife. There are many ways to defend against a dirk or dagger charge. First, the prosecution must prove the weapon was concealed knowingly with the intent to do physical harm. Second, they must also prove the weapon was capable of inflicting substantial bodily harm.

If you are facing such a charge, contact the San Diego criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett and let us handle the complexities of your case. The legal experts at our firm will be able to deal directly with the prosecution and ensure you get the best results for your case. Our team of expert legal professionals is discreet, timely, and above all, has an amazing success rate in defending criminal court cases. Don’t risk the penalties that could come by trying to defend your case on your own. Call or visit us today for your free case consultation.

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