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San Diego Evading a Police Officer Attorney

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When you think of evading a police officer, you probably picture the high speed chases that are shown on TV. But this charge encompasses more than just a high speed chase. In order to be charged with evading and officer, you must flee from a pursuing officer who is either in a marked, official vehicle (such as police cars or motorcycles), or on a bicycle. This, and not a high speed freeway chase, is the most likely scenario in which an individual would be charged with evasion.

To be convicted of evading a police officer, it must be proven that you eluded an officer with the intent to do so, while the officer was clearly attempting to pull you over.

The punishment if convicted is up to 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Your car may even be impounded. And, if it can be proven that you broke more laws than just evading a police officer, you face even more serious charges.

If you are charged with evading a police officer, you’ll want a good attorney on your side to make sure you’re cleared of any false charges and receive the best defense possible. Bradley R. Corbett and our team of San Diego criminal defense lawyers are here to help you. We’ll be able to argue that you didn’t intentionally or willfully evade an officer, or that there isn’t sufficient evidence to convict you. Only an attorney with proven results in these cases will get you the results you need. San Diego criminal defense attorney Bradley R. Corbett is that attorney. Call or visit our law offices today for a free case consultation.

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