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In the age of the internet, when information is more accessible and giving or taking information unknowingly from untrustworthy sources occurs daily, false impersonation has become both a serious and common risk for adults and children. Taking or using someone else’s information online is only one of the ways one could be accused of false impersonation. Any person who personates another person in a private or official capacity is at risk with being charged with false impersonation. If a person gives a police officer a different name to avoid getting out of a ticket or attempts to cash a check that is meant for another person, he or she could be found guilty.

The punishments for false impersonation are severe. If you are convicted of false impersonation, you not only face up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine, but, depending on the circumstance of your case, could face additional penalties.

Bradley R. Corbett and our team of criminal defense experts know how to defend your rights. Whether you were unjustly accused, had a lapse in judgment, or need help lessening a charge, Bradley R. Corbett knows how to defend your case. This may be proving that your actions didn’t create liability or benefits, that you didn’t commit any additional act beyond impersonating someone else, or that you are innocent and were falsely accused. Whatever your situation may be, Bradley R. Corbett and our team will fight for you. Our team of San Diego criminal defense attorneys will prepare the best defense to help you get the best outcome possible for your case.

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