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Forgery is much more than just signing someone else’s name illegally. If you are facing a forgery charge, don’t face it alone. Get the help of a San Diego criminal defense lawyer you can trust, and one who has successfully defended forgery cases before. Bradley R. Corbett has personally handled more than 500 criminal defense cases, many of which have dealt with forgery.

A forgery charge in San Diego, California is a form of fraud that can be considered either a “white collar crime” or a “theft crime” depending on the nature. The law states that for one to commit forgery, they would need to sign another’s name without authorization, counterfeit or recreate the seal or handwriting of another without approval, or alter/falsify written legal documents, and more. As you can see, there is quite a bit more to forgery than just a signature.

As with most legal charges, the prosecution is going to try to prove the intent to deceive. Our San Diego criminal defense attorney will work with you to build a case on one of many possible defenses including:

  • Lack of intent
  • The document in question would NOT defraud anyone else out of any rights

The penalties for forgery can range from a $1,000 fine for a misdemeanor to a $10,000 fine for a felony charge. Fines most often do not include any additional restitution that may be awarded the victim. Of course, prison or jail time may also be awarded if you are found guilty of forgery. You could receive up to three years for some forgery charges or more if you are currently under California’s three -strikes law. Don’t wait another day to get the legal help you need! Call or visit our San Diego criminal defense offices today.

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