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Did you know that handicapped placard misuse could land you in jail for six months? California law often considers this misuse fraud. With the help of a skilled San Diego criminal defense attorney like Bradley R. Corbett, you can see a reduced charge or even a dismissal.

What started out as a simple citation may quickly evolve into jail time if you are found guilty of handicapped placard fraud. It is not as farfetched as you would think, either. There are many definitions under California law for handicapped placard fraud including:

  • Lending your validly issued handicap placard to someone who is not handicapped or entitled to use it.
  • Knowingly permitting someone else to use the handicapped placard.
  • Displaying a handicap placard that was not issued to you by the DMV.
  • Driving someone else’s car with a handicapped placard and parking it in a post reserved for handicapped parking only.

Of course, if you are actively transporting the actual person to whom the placard has been issued then none of this applies.

Don’t let a simple and easily-defendable charge like handicapped placard fraud tarnish your permanent record. Let our team of San Diego criminal attorneys help defend your case in order to maintain your clean record. We are well versed in the legal defenses of handicapped placard misuse and will work to provide you with the best result possible. Call or visit the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett today for a consultation regarding your handicapped placard fraud case.

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