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Indecent exposure is a crime that is mistakenly taken lightly. The repercussions from such a charge, however, can be devastating. What you considered to be a funny prank, the California court system could consider a Penal Code violation, landing you on the California sex offender registry for life. The ramifications of such a penalty will negatively affect every aspect of your life. Even though the offense may have been in jest, your defense should not be taken lightly.

Visit or call the San Diego criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett for a consultation on your indecent exposure case. Our skilled attorney will use the best possible defense to help reduce or even dismiss your indecent exposure charges.

Because indecent exposure, also referred to as “public indecency”, is an ever-changing concept and law, it is key to have the assistance of a lawyer with the most current definitions. The prosecution is going to try to prove that you:

  • Intentionally exposed yourself
  • Exposed yourself in a public area
  • That you did so with specific intent to draw attention to your genitals

In order to prove the specific intent highlighted above, the prosecutor will need to also show that the exposure was for the purpose of sexually arousing yourself or another person, sexually insulting another, or offending another person nearby.

Let our San Diego indecent exposure attorney help you avoid the potential penalties and punishments associated with this charge, including but not limited to:

  • Up to 6 months in Jail
  • Maximum fine o $1000
  • Lifetime registration as a sex offender

Aggravated indecent exposure carries even more serious penalties and punishments. Call or visit us for a free consultation today.

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