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Nemo punitur sine injuria, facto, deu defalta. No one is punished unless for some wrong, act, or default.

Resisting arrest is a criminal act. What does it mean to resist an arrest? According to California Penal Code 148, it is knowingly impeding, resisting, or hindering any police officer from performing his or her duties. Whether this obstruction is done with physical means such as taking their weapon or simply by refusing to follow an officer’s directions, you can be charged with resisting arrest.

Unfortunately, this penal code is very ambiguous. Because of its vagueness, many innocent people are charged with resisting arrest. If you have been charged with resisting arrest, a San Diego attorney should be the first person you call. A San Diego criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett can help dispel the ambiguity surrounding your arrest and give you the best opportunity for a positive outcome.

Resisting an Executive Officer (PC 69)

While Penal Code 148 is a misdemeanor, resisting an executive officer (PC 69) is often prosecuted as a felony. This Penal Code states that threats of physical force or violence against an executive officer will be prosecuted as a felony. If you’ve been charged with resisting an executive officer, you can trust a San Diego criminal defense attorney at our law offices.

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No matter your circumstances, our team can help argue in your defense. If you’ve been charged for resisting arrest, a San Diego lawyer at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett is your best chance for a favorable outcome to

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