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Shoplifting is the willful theft of merchandise marked for sale from a business or store with no intent to purchase the goods stolen. Though the media often makes light of the crime, shoplifting is a serious crime with more than one victim. Because of the costs associated with shoplifting, stores often have to raise prices to cover costs accrued by thieves. This hurts other consumers as well as the business owner.

Because of the commonality of this offense, innocent people are often accused and charged with shoplifting. San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Bradley R. Corbett, has made it his goal to help innocent victims protect their rights in a wide variety of cases, including shoplifting.

The Varying Consequences of Shoplifting

  • 3 years probation
  • 6 months in jail
  • $1000 fine
  • 1 year in jail
  • 16 months to 2 or 3 years in jail

Youth and Shoplifting

Whether you have been charged with shoplifting or aiding in the crime, the punishment is usually the same. Civil penalties, fines, a report on your criminal record, and criminal punishments are all possible consequences for youth charged with shoplifting. If you’ve been charged with shoplifting, a San Diego shoplifting defense attorney at the Law Offices of Bradley R. Corbett will be able to help you with understanding your possible penalties, defenses, and future consequences.

How they can Help

Let Bradley R. Corbett help you with your shoplifting case. We’ll do all we can to help you avoid conviction or reduce the charges. In a shoplifting case, our team will take accurate measures to examine your case, educate you on California’s shoplifting laws, and investigate the circumstances regarding your arrest. Call today for a free consultation regarding your shoplifting case.

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