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Doctor Shopping and Recovering from Addiction

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In California, doctor shopping is a very serious crime that is often the result of addictions individuals cannot control. At the Law Offices of Bradley Corbett, clients are not viewed as criminals. Instead, they are seen as individuals who’ve made a mistake and simply need help to move past it. 

What is Doctor Shopping?

Doctor shopping is the act of getting prescriptions from multiple doctors usually through fraud or other illegal means. This includes using multiple pharmacies or providers to get prescriptions filled. Individuals often do this because they are addicted to certain prescriptions and are looking to get more and more in order to satisfy this addiction. In most cases, prescriptions involved in doctor shopping include controlled substances. California classifies these substances as opiates, depressants, and stimulants. 

Understanding Your Addiction

If you have been involved in doctor shopping then one of the most important first steps is recognizing and understanding your addiction. At first, it may be difficult to discern the differences between the need for a prescription and an actual addiction. If you find yourself resorting to doctor shopping, then you need to recognize that you may have an addiction. It’s important to take time to admit that you have an addiction, come to terms with it, and begin finding ways out of it. Your next step should be looking into treatment options and understanding what you will need to do to overcome your addiction. 

Getting Help 

There are plenty of ways you can get help. One of these ways is getting support from friends, family, and other important people in your life as you work through your addiction. Their help can encourage you and keep you on the path to recovery. Next, you should seek professional help. This can include help from doctors, psychiatrists, or both to help you understand your addiction and work through it. If you are involved in a doctor shopping case, then you should also seek help from an attorney. When working with an attorney, they can help you find a better outcome for your case so you can move on from the experience. While doctor shopping is a crime, it is often caused by behavior that is outside your control. Addiction to prescription medication is becoming quite common and it drives people to take drastic measures. As you work through your case, know that you will be supported as you also work through your addiction.  Do you need legal representation for your doctor shopping case? Click here to get in contact with experienced attorneys who are ready to help. 

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