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What is an IID and Why You Need To Know About It?

The Ignition Interlock Device, otherwise known as an IID, is part of a pilot program that has been tested in different California cities. The program is in place to ensure safer California roads, while acting as a constant monitor for those who have violated DUI laws. The device will be wired into a drivers ignition port and will require a breath sample for the car to start. Every new trip (every time you start your car), the device will require periodic breathalyzer tests to ensure the driver isn’t intoxicated.

Why An IID?

The purpose of this new law is to reduce the number of DUI offenses in California. It’s also part of a pilot program designed to provide data to the DMV allowing them to measure the effectiveness of IID’s.  

What Are The Requirements of an IID?

Individuals who have been convicted of a DUI in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulare counties are required to install an IID on every car they own or drive.

Pilot Counties vs Non-pilot counties

If you live in San Diego County (non-pilot county) and receive a DUI violation in Los Angeles County (pilot county), you will be required to install an IID in your vehicle.

I Am A First Time Offender. Will I Still Be Able To Drive?

Yes, you will be placed on a five-month mandatory restriction period. The DMV will send you your IID in the mail along with your citation. After your 5 month restriction period, you may have the device removed by a certified device installer. This restriction will last up until your original DUI suspension period ends and you provide a Notice of Completion Certificate.

Where Can I Get An IID Installed?

You can contact any certified IID installer to install your device. Visit the DMV’s website at for more information.

How Much Does An IID Cost?

The cost of an IID will be determined by your family income according to the federal poverty guidelines. For more information on those guidelines, please visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website:

The Benefits

One of the benefits of the IID program is you will still be able to drive under the restrictions of the IID. California wanted to implement some type of accountability program for those who were pulled over while driving under the influence. Those who rely on driving for work will not have to have an IID installed so long as their employer is aware that their license is restricted. The DMV will provide you with a Notice to Employer form that is to be kept with the driver at all times.

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