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When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

I13903385550_39f7316982_bf you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with committing a crime, do not wait to hire a criminal defense attorney.  Bradley Corbett is an experienced lawyer located in California and has handled over 500 different criminal defense cases. With him, your life doesn’t have to be over after an arrest.  

There are benefits to hiring an attorney quickly after arrest.  If you select an attorney before any formal charges have been filed, attorneys can negotiate a dismissal before any charges are made. The key to this is having legal representation immediately after arrest. If charges have been made, it is still imperative to hire a lawyer as soon as you can to have the best possible outcome. Another major benefit of representation is that after an arrest, you can feel scared and emotional and this can cause you to say and do things that may not help your case.  If you have an attorney, you can confidentially relay your situation, and they will act as your spokesperson.


Why do you need an attorney? 

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter, even if it’s only a minor crime. There are serious consequences for a person facing criminal charges like jail time, loss of future jobs, having a criminal record, loss of relationships, and more.  Hiring a good criminal lawyer helps you through the process if charged for committing a crime. They explain your rights to you, and can make the difference between a reduced plea, bargain or dismissal, and a jail sentence.  Without representation, it can be hard to know how to work with the judge, and decide what is best for you. A criminal defense lawyer may help reduce your criminal charge to a lesser defense, reduce the punishment for the crime, reduce jail time, help you avoid unnecessary charges, and help you develop a sound defense strategy.

How should I select an attorney?courtroom

It can be helpful to look for an attorney who is specialized, or someone who has been involved with a lot of cases that are similar to yours.   Take a look at the attorney’s track record and see how successful they are.  Choose the qualities in a lawyer that are most important to you.  For example, maybe ethics are one of your priorities. To find out about a lawyer’s ethics, you can read reviews or ask people who have worked with the lawyer what their ethics were like.   When conducting research online to find an attorney, make sure you are searching on reputable websites. For example, you can go to the State Bar Website and search for Certified Criminal Law specialists in your County. Other ways to decide who the best lawyer for you is to arrange a consultation, ask a lot of questions, learn about the legal team, and discuss the facts of your case. If you feel there is a mutual fit, and that you will be benefited from the lawyer, then start working together.

With any criminal defense charge, it is important to have representation as soon as possible,to have a lawyer who knows what they are doing, and one that can take charge of the case.  If you are in need of an attorney in the San Diego area, Bradley Corbett can help you get through your criminal defense case.


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