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How to Expunge an Arrest Record in California

Wondering how to expunge an arrest record in California? Or maybe you want to know how to seal an arrest record in California? Bradley Corbett has all the answers you need to your questions about arrests in California. How to Expunge an Arrest Record in California In order to be eligible for expungement in California, […]

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How to Stay Safe During the Holiday Season

There’s nothing like the holiday season to brighten the cold winter months and bring loved ones together. You’re likely spending this time buying gifts, attending holiday parties, and finding ways to make the season extra special. But as you shop, decorate, and spend time with friends, don’t forget to practice good safety. Here are four […]

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What is Considered Breaking and Entering?

    Breaking and entering is the act of entering another person’s home or commercial space with the intent of committing a crime, including theft or felony. Under California law, breaking and entering is technically charged as burglary, trespassing, or other charges that fit the situation. Here’s what you need to know about breaking and […]

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Charged With Stalking? Do These 3 Things Now!

Charged With Stalking? Do These 3 Things Now!  Stalking is a serious crime bearing serious consequences if found guilty of it.  Examples of stalking include:   Following someone or showing up at (or even driving by) their property or place of employment Monitoring someone’s computer, phone, or social media activity Online harassment or cyberstalking Tracking […]

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How Serious Are Identity Theft Charges?

Identity theft is a hot topic these days. Most people typically think of identity theft as when a hacker or a foreign scammer takes your information and then uses it to steal all of your money. While this could be a case of identity theft, in reality identify theft encompasses much more. Under California law, […]

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