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What Happens If a Minor Possesses Alcohol in California?

The legal drinking age across the entire United States is 21. If anyone under the age of 21 is in possession of alcohol, there are serious consequences. Understanding the law surrounding minors possessing alcohol is important.  What Counts as Possession Keep in mind, there are different rules when it comes to a minor consuming alcohol. […]

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The Misuse of a Handicap Placard

A handicap placard is a card, typically hung on the rearview mirror of a car, issued to individuals with any type of disability. They can use their placard to park in handicap parking spaces so it’s easier for them to access buildings. Unfortunately, there are instances where people misuse these placards and it is a […]

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Shoplifting as a Minor in California

When committing any kind of crime while under the age of 18, laws will apply differently than if you commit a crime as an adult. If you shoplift as a minor in California, the consequences and penalties will differ and it’s worth knowing the difference.  Focus on Rehabilitation  As an adult, you will be given […]

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Driving With a Suspended License

All drivers need to have a valid license in order to drive. If you are pulled over and do not have a license, you will face penalties. However, driving with a suspended license will lead to more severe punishments. Understanding everything related to this type of case will help you to know what to do […]

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What to Know About Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases are very serious matters and, as such, they need to be handled delicately. It can be frustrating to be falsely accused of domestic abuse, and you might wonder what your options are. When you understand more about domestic violence cases, you can have a better idea of what to expect in your […]

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Evading a Police Officer

In California, it is illegal to flee from a pursuing police officer. There are a variety of circumstances in which this may occur. Understanding the laws surrounding this type of case can help you know how to handle your situation.  What is Evading a Police Officer? According to California state law, evading a police officer […]

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Doctor Shopping and Recovering from Addiction

In California, doctor shopping is a very serious crime that is often the result of addictions individuals cannot control. At the Law Offices of Bradley Corbett, clients are not viewed as criminals. Instead, they are seen as individuals who’ve made a mistake and simply need help to move past it.  What is Doctor Shopping? Doctor […]

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The Ins and Outs of Theft and Robbery

What many people may not realize is there are many differences between theft and robbery. Most may assume they both fall under the general category of stealing, but the differences can lead to different consequences and verdicts. It’s worth it to know what distinguishes them.  Theft vs Robbery  One of the most notable differences between […]

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