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The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Child Abduction Cases In The US

Child abductions, which violate California Penal Code 278, is the restriction of stealing a child and has been happening for a long time. Throughout history, we’ve seen children’s faces on milk cartons and kidnapped kids on the walls of grocery stores to aid in the search for these abductees. Unfortunately, a large proportion of these […]

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Embezzlement 101

  Embezzlement is the theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer. Embezzlers are usually very methodical in their approach to this premeditated theft. There are different levels of embezzlement – “skimming the top” which is, essentially, taking funds slowly over a period of time so it not only […]

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Orange County’s Peculiar DUI Sentence

Orange County’s ‘peculiar’ DUI sentence is gaining recognition throughout the nation and the world. Have you heard of the Orange County Youth Drug and Alcohol Deterrence Program? In 1988, YDAD was started as a response to the climbing youth drug and intoxication driving rates. It’s been a two-fold success; first, youth can take the course […]

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Drunk Flying Is A Common Occurrence

It’s no surprise that about 25% of Americans have anxieties about flying — there’s a lot that could potentially happen if you think about it.   The one thing that we don’t concern ourselves with turns out to be something that is mind-blowing: pilots flying drunk. We talk about DUIs in cars all the time […]

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Navigating Drug Crimes In California

During our time as criminal defense lawyers we’ve handled all sorts of cases – some crazy and others pretty vanilla. One of the common cases we see are drug crimes. While a “simple” drug cases can just be possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, they can quickly get snowball into more complex cases if you’ve […]

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Top 10 Criminals In American History

Billy the Kid (1881) William H. Bonney, also known as Billy the Kid, was a young and famous gunfighter in Old Western America.  His first few criminal charges involved theft and then soon escalated to murder of a blacksmith. He became a ‘cattle rustler’ and his infamy increased as he continuously escaped the authorities. Billy […]

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The 12 Most Common Types of Criminal Charges

When you hear the phrase “criminal charges”, what are the first things that come to mind? Some of the most common ones are domestic violence, theft or DUI. Here’s a compilation of the 12 most common types of criminal charges and several examples of what type of behaviors would be classified as such. Alcohol-Related Crimes […]

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Fake IDs in California

Sometimes you’ll hear stories about a friend using their brother’s ID to get into a club and the fun they had. The stories that you don’t hear are when they get caught and the ramifications of using someone else’s ID or using a fake ID. While it gets glorified in Hollywood movies and TV shows, […]

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Driving With A Suspended License In California

Each year thousands of people have their driver’s license revoked or suspended in California. Having your license suspended can cause a big headache for you and your family or friends. Now you’ll have to find someone to drive you around, pick you up, or take public transportation. So, what circumstances can your license be suspended […]

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